Why Do You Need An Expert To Maintain Your Website?

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Hire an expert for website maintenance team? Why waste my money? My website runs on WordPress. I can google and find necessary plugins. Moreover, changing content is very easy on WordPress. Does that sound like you when you started your website? And are you now constantly plagued by technical snags and formatting errors? I guess now you are realising why website maintenance teams are much sought after by start ups, small businesses and corporates alike.

This and here are five more reasons why you should entrust website maintenance to an expert’s hands.

Focus On Your Core Business

An entrepreneur is one who brings together experts of various domains, synchronises their efforts and builds something valuable out of it. It’s a no-brainer that if you try to micromanage and do all the small jobs instead of focusing on your core business, your venture will collapse. All it takes is around USD50 per month to get a basic website management package from a reliable provider and you can leave the hassles to them and focus on what you ought to be.

Time is money

Websites are increasingly gaining significance for the functioning of every business worldwide. You can no longer leave a glitch in your website and think of resolving it later. With every unattended glitch you may be losing out a customer or even worse. You might have read about the Walmart.com pricing glitch that led to computer monitors, projectors and other items worth thousands of Dollars listed in its website at $8.85
 Walmart of course has a huge IT department to take care of such situations. How about you? Are you equipped to handle any such major or even minor glitches? If you are thinking that Walmart.com has a huge traffic which led to great losses but my website doesn’t generate so much traffic so delays won’t affect me, think again. In this era of social media, news spread like fire.


Do you see a plugin update on your WordPress site and immediately click on ‘Update’? Chances are you might be slowing down your website’s performance with an unnecessary update. Professional web masters know which updates are relevant to your site and which are not.
Moreover, from their experiences of handling various projects they might have found gems of wisdom that can tremendously increase your conversion rates and business. Certain simple changes in design and copy can have a tremendous effect on conversion rates.
Here is a case study of how Highrise– an app to organise business activities and to-do lists increased sign ups by 102.5%. By simply adding a person’s image near the sign up button, they were able to convey to the visitors that they were offering something of importance and hence urge them to read further and improve their sign-ups.


Back in the days when I first started my blog, I used to monitor every visitor keenly. One day I found something strange going on with my site. There was a sudden jump in traffic by around 200 visits in 15 minutes. When I checked, it was all from a single ip. There was someone trying to hack my hardly one week old blog. Fortunately, I intervened on time and saved my website from the hands of hackers. But I learnt my lesson. No matter how small your website is, there is always someone around to hack it.
 Website owners often ignore certain loopholes making it an easy target for hackers. A professional webmaster will be able to take care of this by installing the best security plugin for your website and making necessary updates to have a fool proof security system. They will also take regular back up of your website so that in case of an indefensible hacking, your website can be back running in no time. This is especially important for those websites which are dynamic and changes content and receives new data frequently.

Design tweaks

Did you know that sometimes a simple design tweak like increasing the size of a call to action button can dramatically increase your website’s conversion rate. A webmaster analyses such case studies considering your website’s aesthetics and functionality and experiments and implements necessary changes to enhance the user’s experience and thus improve your revenue generation.
In the present day, website’s need constant updating and improvement to stay ahead of the cut throat competition. A webmaster can ensure that your website is always current and it runs like a well oiled machine. Considering the revenue loss that an ill functioning website can cause, it’s always wise to invest in a long term tie up with a webmaster.
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