Does Your Social Media Campaign Get Drowned In Competition?

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What is the single most thing that decides the success of a start-up? Of course, its product or service. If you do not have a worthy product that gives value to customers who buy it, your start up will definitely fail. Even the best of management and marketing team will not be able to save it. But even if you have such a worthy product, taking it to the people, bringing it to their notice and urging them to use it is a herculean task.
More and more marketing campaigns are becoming social media driven and giants with deep pockets are literally painting the scene with their names and campaigns. So, how can a start-up with a limited budget make an impact in this cutthroat competitive world? These tips might help.

Great Product

As I mentioned, the backbone of any great company is the awesome products that they have to offer- products that connect to its customers and adds value to their life. The right combination of awesome products with personalized customer care is the key to build a loyal customer base. Once your customers become loyal to your brand, slowly but steadily through word of mouth, your customer base expands… sometimes even explodes. That is when your customers would be interested to share your content through their social media profiles

Choosing the right media platform

Facebook definitely is the undisputed king of social media. But it needn’t necessarily be the best media for you. If you are selling a product for the mass or a B2C service, then yes, Facebook has to be your focus. But if it is a B2B service, LinkedIn or twitter could give you better return on the time and effort you invest. If you have an interior-designing firm, Pinterest might be a very good platform for you.

So, rather than putting divided effort in all medias, focus on one platform, build a loyal audience and then move on to the next platform.

Facebook Groups

Groups are the increasingly becoming the most happening place in Facebook. By becoming a member of groups that are closely associated with your line of business, you are getting the opportunity to connect to directly connect with the group of people who could be your potential clients.

One of my friends run a parenting blog called Mad Over Baby. She has just around 1000 likes on her Facebook page. But her posts reach anywhere between 15-25k people. She achieves that by sharing her posts on various moms groups on Facebook.

Stop Spending Money On Facebook

I was recently visiting some Facebook pages to see the kind of engagement each page receives. I was astounded. There are many pages with 50-100k likes, but with a meager 10-15 likes for their posts. Let me be blunt. Paid likes are bogus. The likes you get are from mostly fake profiles that hardly engage with the page. They are not your prospective customers. So, its high time you stop throwing your money down the drain on paid likes.
So is the case with boosting the post. The same Mad Over Baby lady tried boosting some of her blog posts on Facebook. She got around 1500-2000 likes for a post. But just 15-20 people clicked on the post and read what she had to say. Pathetic. Isn’t it!

Content that Connects

The secret of a successful marketing campaign is its ability to connect with the customers. It could be with humor or any other emotion. Every content that you create has to have an element of share-ability. Rather than spending money of publicizing the content, spend your money and effort on creating content that wows your customer. No matter how much your giant competitor spends on marketing, success will be yours!

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