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Does Your Social Media Campaign Get Drowned In Competition?

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What is the single most thing that decides the success of a start-up? Of course, its product or service. If you do not have a worthy product that gives value to customers who buy it, your start up will definitely fail. Even the best of management and marketing team will not be able to save […]

Why Do You Need An Expert To Maintain Your Website?

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Hire an expert for website maintenance team? Why waste my money? My website runs on WordPress. I can google and find necessary plugins. Moreover,¬†changing content is very easy on WordPress. Does that sound like you when you started your website? And are you now constantly plagued by technical snags and formatting errors? I guess now […]

Your Customers Judge You Within 7 Seconds of Landing On Your Website

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We human beings are so unforgiving. It has been scientifically proven that we form hard-to-change opinion of a person within 7 seconds of meeting him. And yes, you guessed it right. We do not leave even a website from our vicious, judgmental eyes. No wonder corporates shell out big bucks on web designing. So how […]